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Vacuum formed appliances

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The Essix™ "invisible retainer" is a thermoformed retainer .040" thick for nonbruxers. It is formed over a plaster model of the entire arch of teeth. Essix™ retainers are less conspicuous, and easier to wear than Hawley retainers. Minor tooth movement can be achieved through a series of Essix™ aligners and setups.




Pro-Form mouthguards are made of a double laminated thermoplastic polymer and are fitted to the unique structures of the oral cavity and teeth. They offer superior protection because of an integrated hardened plastic palatal brace placed behind the 4 incisors to work as a shock transmitter and protect the highly susceptible front teeth, and a double layered material which dissipates traumatic forces. The ProForm laminate is vacuum formed over the patient’s maxillary stone cast model. Pro-form mouthguards are a custom fit to reduce air way blockage , increase oxygen intake, and improve speech performance.

A strap attached to the mouthguard is also available.

Multiple colors are available upon request.


Pro-Form red Pro-form Blue




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 Fun Guards

Custom Bleaching & Fluoride Trays


Bleaching Tray



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