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Pickup & Delivery:   

Canadian Ortho Lab offers free local pickup and delivery service. Please call the night before to schedule  a pickup. We will send boxes and prescription pads upon request. Please put the patient's name and date required on the prescription to insure that the case will be delivered on time. The delivery date should be at least one day prior to the patient's appointment. Next day service is available with prior notification at no extra cost on most appliances. Please call for special arrangement.

 Courier Shipping 

If you are out of our local delivery area, we can recommend using one of our preferred courier services. We will return cases to you at no cost. 

We recommend using Envoy Express for service within the GTA.

Envoy:  (416) 740-7874

For service within Ontario, we recommend using ICS. Please call ICS to set-up an account.

ICS: 1-888-427-8729

   How to Send a Case   

We require that a prescription form accompanies all cases. For your convenience, our prescription forms can be accessed from our website. Plaster/ stone models and alginate impressions are acceptable. For alginate impressions, please rinse thoroughly, wrap in a wet paper towel, place in a air-tight bag, and staple the prescription to the bag.  Please do not place the prescription forms inside the air-tight bags.

To ensure accurate identification of each case we ask that each model/impression is labeled properly and has an accompanying prescription before being placed in the box.

We require maxillary and mandibular models and a bite registration be provided for cases that require habit breakers, posterior occlusal coverage, or when occlusal interference may be a concern to ensure the quality and functionality of our appliances.

Cases where plaster/stone models are intended to be used for the fabrication of study models will be charged a duplication fee.

   Billing & Payment:    

Invoices are sent with every appliance and included with the completed case when returned to your office. We recommend that each invoice be kept to be verified against your monthly statement.

A monthly statement is sent to your office at the beginning of each month summarizing the last month’s invoices, payments and adjustments that have been made to your account. All cheque payments should read: payable to Canadian Orthodontic Laboratories Ltd.

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